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MOVIE: The Weekend’s Efforts

Motion Picture title: “The Art of Abundance”

Saturday was a wash out due to the heavy down pour of rain. MadamWu and I did drive nearly to Gettysburg in hopes the weather there was better than it was here in the DC metro area….It wasn’t! So we’ll have to capture the Union civil war re-enactors on another date in May.

With nothing to do, we spent the afternoon looking at Recreational Vehicles at a huge outlet for such hardware twenty miles outside of Frederick, MD up on route 15. We had a light lunch about mid afternoon in Frederick at a small restaurant called, The Village Green Grill. They make a great open face roast beef and gravy sandwich. We spent a quiet evening at home watching a movie on the tube and eating some super pasta and kielbasa that MadamWu whipped up.

Sunday the weather was awesomely better. While my actors showed up on time my crew all bailed for one good reason or another. MadamWu was getting ready to go staff the light shoot with me when my Director of Photography stepped up to the task of being my sound Recordist. So on location in the woods outside of Poolesville; I set up the shots, Sara ok-ed the composure and then I directed the actors through the scene as she held the shotgun microphone on them. All in all we turned the scene around in four hours. 35 minutes to the location, setup, scene shooting of three pages of dialog, tear down and 35minutes return drive. One actor complimented my straight to business, no non-sense shooting style, comparing it to Clint Eastwood’s style. I blushed hoping it wasn’t like Ed Wood’s.

The actual scene was strangely blessed. We unexpectedly found a burned out hulk of an old foreign car on the property. This was an unplanned plus for the composure of the scene. The two actors dressed as 1937 Spanish leftists clothed in khakis and with red berets sat apparently resting on the hulk of the car and argued their dialog. We took a wide medium shot to establish the scene, then a full run of close-up dialog on each character. Followed by the final separate wounding of both characters by a sniper. Finally with an extreme close-up of the horizontal face of the key character as she lay dying on the ground, blood running from her lips as she gasp out her final line before going limp. Erik and Natalie did a bang up job, especially considering that the entire scene was done in Spanish.

Next week – Limo scenes for the rich industrialist lady on Saturday. On Sunday, the Stalingrad 1942 scene in the cellar of a local stage company to be shot in Russian dialog. During the same shoot, we’ll capture the opening monologue of the movie to be done by a Korean woman whose a native speaker and who will be doing the opener in Korean. It should be an interesting shoot.

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