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Women in Film
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This is a community for and about women either involved in filmmaking, pursuing a career in filmmaking, or just interested in women in film; this includes directing, writing, producing, acting, etc... (Anyone, regardless of sex/gender is welcome to join and post whether enthusiasts or filmmakers focused on women's issues.) I trust that this will be a mature community where inappropriate comments will be withheld.

I ask that each member and/or prospective member fill out this questionaire as to create a feeling of "community" and so that we, as members, know about your interests and goals in filmmaking.

Occupation (in filmmaking, if any) or occupational goals:
Specific interest in filmmaking:
School (if any) and major:
Current or past projects:
Genre of interest:
Your inspirational filmmaker(s):
Your inspirational films:
Why are you interested in filmmaking?:
Any comments:

If you have any questions, comments or ideas about this community, please let me know.

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