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hello & i am new.

Name: Lara Violet

Occupation (in filmmaking, if any) or occupational goals: screenwriter/director/actor/producer

Specific interest in filmmaking: predominantly writing, eventually directing, but i think i'll need to take some courses or absorb some manner of skill for *that*

School (if any) and major: High School, major: nerd

Current or past projects: I have written two plays for my local theatre festival, this year it's part film, part play... I'm mostly working on scripts right now.

Genre of interest: I plan on attempting everything

Your inspirational filmmaker(s): Sofia Coppola, Darren Aronofsky, Woody Allen (sometimes), Tim Burton, Nancy Meyers, Richard Curtis, Spike Jonze,

Your inspirational films: Amelie, Lost In Translation, Requiem For A Dream, The Seven Year Itch, Finding Neverland, Big Fish, Harold And Maude, Fargo, American Beauty, Gia, Edward Scissorhands...etc. etc.

Why are you interested in filmmaking?: Because I like the idea of being able to universally communicate with people in a completely consistent matter. Any movie you watch will be the same every time you watch it, it is a reliable friend, you can depend on it to inspire ideas or to make you feel a certain mood. I love being able to create things that inspires people or makes them feel, telling stories they can relate to... I don't know, I'm one of those insane optimists who likes to find beauty in things, I like life, etc. etc. so I enjoy attempting to capture reality to share with people.

Any comments: I am going to be moving to Toronto in October, can anyone suggest any other communities or websites where I could obtain information about the film community there...? Are questions welcome in this community for that sort of thing?
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