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Recommended Links and Articles...

The following are some of my favorite links, articles, and books, at the moment. I thought they might be of interest to the women in film community, so I'm posting them here for you all. Enjoy!

Recommended Links:
Boxed In: Women On Screen and Behind the Scenes in the 2003-04 Prime-time Season - Latest results of study on the numbers of women working in television.
Female Filmmakers - A good Tripod website, with lots of relevant information.
Status of Women in the Industry - New York Women in Film and Television - Articles, speeches, and studies about the status of women in the entertainment industry.
The Celluloid Ceiling: Behind the Scenes and On-Screen Employment of Women in the Top 250 Films of 2003 - Latest results of study on the numbers of women working in film.
The Fund for Women Artists: Advocacy - List of topics related to women in the arts, such as numbers on employment, images of women, funding, etc.
The Hollywood Reporter: Women in Entertainment: 2003 - This feature issue includes The Power 100 ("the annual list of the most powerful women working in entertainment today") as well as several great articles about women's issues in industry.
The Hollywood Reporter: Women in Entertainment: 2004 - The latest version includes The Power 100 ("the annual ranking of the most influential female executives in film, television and music") as well as several more great articles about women's issues in the industry.
Women Film Directors - Huge list of women film directors from all over the world. (Taken from Women Film Directors: An International Bio-Critical Dictionary, by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster.)

Recommended Articles:
Breaking the Celluloid Ceiling - An article about similar women in film issues in the UK.
Change of Direction - An article about the trials of women filmmakers, worldwide.
GreenCine | Women in Film - An amazing article covering the history of women in cinema, from cinema's creation to today.
Hollywood's Women Directors Hit Celluloid Ceiling - An article from The Guardian (UK) about the low numbers of women in film.
Is This As Good As It Gets? - An article critically analyzing the notion of "chick flicks."
The Challenge for Women Directors - A BBC News article on Sofia Coppola's Oscar nomination.
The Industry Women on the Side - An article about sexism and gender discrimination in the film industry.
Where Are The Female Directors? - A great article about the lack of female directors.
Why Are Women Directors Such a Rare Sight? - Another British article, with people in the industry weighing in on the lack of female directors, there and in the US.
Women Behind the Camera: Where? - An article about Helena Lumme's Great Women of Film book.
Women Cut From Movies - A good article about female directors today.
Women in Film : Identity and Power - A great, extensive article on women in film and the many issues they face.

What I'm Reading (all highly recommended):
Great Women of Film by Helena Lumme
Women Who Run the Show: How a Brilliant and Creative New Generation of Women Stormed Hollywood by Mollie Gregory
Hollywood 101: The Film Industry by Frederick Levy
The Movie Business Book, Third Edition by Jason E. Squire
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