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My Questionaire...

Name: Adriana "Aiñe" Luisa Lebron
Occupation (in filmmaking, if any) or occupational goals: Presently, I am a film student, as well as sometimes being a non-union production assistant. In the future, I hope to be a director, writer, and producer.
Specific interest in filmmaking: Directing, writing, producing, and possibly acting.
School (if any) and major: Wellesley College (alma mater of Nora Ephron, among others), Cinema and Media Studies major, with plans to attend Florida State University for a MFA in Film Production.
Current or past projects: Previously, I was a production assistant for Mona Lisa Smile while it filmed at Wellesley. Currently, I am working on scripts, taking lots of photographs, and acting in various theatre productions. This coming year I will begin pursuing film production, directing theatre, playwrighting, screenwriting, and lots of cinema studies and film history courses. (I'm finally taking classes in my major!)
Genre of interest: Any and all (in a Stanley Kubrick-esque fashion - Kubrick didn't do genres; he redefined them), though I do plan to pursue genres such as sci-fi, westerns, thrillers, and action - all of which interest me and are viewed as traditionally male genres. I'm also a big fan of animation and will probably pursue that, as well. As far as studio versus independent goes, I plan to make films in both industries.
Your inspirational filmmaker(s): Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton.  I am looking to add some female filmmakers to my list. So far, I'm a fan of Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham), Penny Marshall (A League of Their Own), Nancy Meyers (Something's Gotta Give), and Julie Taymor (Frida).
Your inspirational films: Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes), the Back to the Future series, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Pulp Fiction, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 
Why are you interested in filmmaking?: I have always been attracted to the idea of storytelling, and being a very visual person, I found film to be a great artistic medium.  Films cross so many cultures these days.  I know that anything I create has the potential to reach so many people.
Any comments: I have a growing collection of film links on my Yahoo! My Web page. Be sure to check it out, and do a My Web Search for words like women and female, coupled with words like film, business, characters, color, minority, lesbian, chick flick, etc. I also have a *huge* folder of articles, many of which concern women in film. If anyone has any link suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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