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New Gal

Name: Christina
Occupation (in filmmaking, if any) or occupational goals: Screenwriter. I might want to direct. Maybe.
Specific interest in filmmaking: Screenwriting, and/or directing. I also like grip work, and just being on set.
School (if any) and major: Emerson, BA in Film, with a minor in writing
Current or past projects: I was the managing director for the Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF) for 2 years, have worked on films for Liquid Lunch Productions, and am currently working on getting my first script My Hitman made this Fall. I also run the Boston League of Women Wrestlers (BLOWW).
Genre of interest: Dark comedies, or indie films. I grew a taste for underground films after working with BUFF, but sometimes I enjoy getting drunk and watching a Swartzenegger classic.
Your inspirational filmmaker(s): John Waters, Federico Fellini, Terry Gilliam...wait a minute? All white men? I guess I'm here to learn more about female directors.
Your inspirational films: Polyester made me want to make films, and that was the first non-Hollywood film I saw that made me realize that I could do it too.
Why are you interested in filmmaking?: I think it's a great outlet for expressing yourself. I enjoy getting reactions out of people through this medium, and I've loved writing since I knew how to. I like the sense of community on a set, and watching it trasnform from script page to screen. And it beats a desk job.
Any comments: Like I said, I unfortunately know very little about female filmmakers, and would like to know more.
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