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Name: Chelsea Spear
Occupation (in filmmaking, if any) or occupational goals: currently i work as a dogwalker (hey, it pays the bills). have previously worked as a production asst on several docus out here and have screened films for the local underground film festival.
Specific interest in filmmaking: directing, writing, editing.
School (if any) and major: went to suffolk u. for a few years...until they lost funding for film/video production.
Current or past projects: right now i'm trying to scrape some money together to make the ballad of burd janet, a jazz age retelling of "tam lin". previous stuff: "alphabet" (quicktime file), "the hidden"
Genre of interest: experimental, anachronistic filmmaking. documentaries. silent films and 1950s potboilers.
Your inspirational filmmaker(s): hal hartley, wes anderson, guy maddin, sally potter, maya deren, stan brakhage
Your inspirational films: trust was the film that inspired me to get off my ass and make movies. archangel showed me how, and "meshes of the afternoon" seduced my mind.
Why are you interested in filmmaking?: it's a totalitarian art form, and it includes all arts in the service of telling a story. it's the art form that best serves my sense of rhythm.
Any comments: i joined a while ago and just now remembered to post this here.
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