con amor (comandanta) wrote in women_in_film,
con amor

Cast Call if you're in Tucson Arizona

Hi! If you are in the Tucson, Arizona area and want to help out a fellow group of filmmakers...please read!!!

We are looking for a cast for a 5 minute series of shorts on digital video for my production class. If you fit any of the roles below, or know somebody who does and is interested in helping us out, please contact me asap at! THANKS!

1 man (60's), the only stipulation is that the actor must be willing to dress like a woman for a short scene...
1 man and 1 woman (18-25) pref. a couple, but it isn't necessary.
2 men (18-24)
3-4 college student types, male or female (18-25)
1 male skateboarder (18-25) and one female skateboarder (18-25)

(Shooting dates will depend on the availablilty of the actors and filmmakers, but will be within the next several weeks.)

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