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Runaway Daughters: arts fundraiser [26 Oct 2009|08:04pm]


Runaway Daughters

8pm - 11pm Thurs October 29th
The Red Rattler (http://redrattler.org/)
6 Faversham St, Marrickville (off Sydneyham Rd)

Ungus Ungus Ungus
Shady Trees
La Gloria
Ex Trendy

Magician Peng Huang
Hoola hoopers The Ooo'lala's
and live body painting

Cost: $12

For the mere cost of $12, join us this Thursday for a full night's entertainment raising funds for next year's Seen and Heard (http://www.seenandheardfilms.com) film festival, a not-for-profit event promoting the hard work of women in film set for great heights next year at Sydney's the Red Rattler.

women's film festival - x-posted [03 Nov 2008|07:14pm]

Hi all,
I'm putting together a film festival to promote women's cinema and video art in reaction to the following:

The film industry shuts out both women filmmakers and audiences. Making just more than half the population, there are huge numbers of women who belong to at least one of these two parties. The problem is not a lack of women who wish to work as filmmakers: the numbers of film school graduates are evenly male and female. Despite this, only 4% of directors are women.

In the history of the Academy Awards, only three women have been nominated for Best Director (none of them have won). Sofia Coppola was the last woman to be nominated, in 2003, for Lost in Translation. Prior to this, Jane Campion was nominated in 1993 for The Piano. The third, and the first woman ever to be nominated, was Lina Wertmüller in 1976 for her film Seven Beauties. There has never been an Academy Award nomination for a woman cinematographer.


I am VERY EAGER for submissions of all varieties of film - shorts, features, video art, doccos, etc. - please drop me a line at adolphusmaritime@gmail.com and I will send you an application form.

Please consider!

attention women. [30 Nov 2007|10:28am]

Attention all women filmmakers -
I've made a website called Seen and Heard (http://www.seenandheardfilms.com) to promote the work of known and unknown women filmmakers. Women are a serious minority in filmmaking - women are known to make up only 4% of directors, but are half of film school graduates. For more stats, click here: http://www.moviesbywomen.com/stats_celluloid_ceiling_2006.php

I am looking for women who are interested in posting trailers, clips, short films, essays - pieces of writing of any length - to the site. Please comment or email me at knitonepurltwo@gmail.com. I want to build a site that is informative, resourceful and enjoyable - somewhere visitors can come to learn about women directors and experience their work, and to feel like part of a community. Please contribute.

[12 Aug 2006|12:17am]

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to start a website to host women's short films, though I'm having trouble mustering a group who have films ready to post online. Is anyone here interested? You don't have to have films ready now, but any films ready in the near future would be wonderful.

If so, write me an email describing what you'd like to contribute (everyone is welcome).

Women in Love DVD release! [21 Jun 2006|03:09pm]

Hey everyone,

I work for a relatively new independent LGBT film distribution company in NY called Outcast Films. Women in Love, Karen Everett's documentary about her own experiences with poly relationships, will soon be released on DVD and I just wanted to give you guys the heads up. Check out the info below and pre-order your copy of this wonderful film NOW!

More info about the film and OutcastCollapse )
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MOVIE: The Weekend’s Efforts [09 Apr 2006|05:51pm]

Motion Picture title: “The Art of Abundance”

Saturday was a wash out due to the heavy down pour of rain. MadamWu and I did drive nearly to Gettysburg in hopes the weather there was better than it was here in the DC metro area….It wasn’t! So we’ll have to capture the Union civil war re-enactors on another date in May.

With nothing to do, we spent the afternoon looking at Recreational Vehicles at a huge outlet for such hardware twenty miles outside of Frederick, MD up on route 15. We had a light lunch about mid afternoon in Frederick at a small restaurant called, The Village Green Grill. They make a great open face roast beef and gravy sandwich. We spent a quiet evening at home watching a movie on the tube and eating some super pasta and kielbasa that MadamWu whipped up.

Sunday the weather was awesomely better. While my actors showed up on time my crew all bailed for one good reason or another. MadamWu was getting ready to go staff the light shoot with me when my Director of Photography stepped up to the task of being my sound Recordist. So on location in the woods outside of Poolesville; I set up the shots, Sara ok-ed the composure and then I directed the actors through the scene as she held the shotgun microphone on them. All in all we turned the scene around in four hours. 35 minutes to the location, setup, scene shooting of three pages of dialog, tear down and 35minutes return drive. One actor complimented my straight to business, no non-sense shooting style, comparing it to Clint Eastwood’s style. I blushed hoping it wasn’t like Ed Wood’s.

The actual scene was strangely blessed. We unexpectedly found a burned out hulk of an old foreign car on the property. This was an unplanned plus for the composure of the scene. The two actors dressed as 1937 Spanish leftists clothed in khakis and with red berets sat apparently resting on the hulk of the car and argued their dialog. We took a wide medium shot to establish the scene, then a full run of close-up dialog on each character. Followed by the final separate wounding of both characters by a sniper. Finally with an extreme close-up of the horizontal face of the key character as she lay dying on the ground, blood running from her lips as she gasp out her final line before going limp. Erik and Natalie did a bang up job, especially considering that the entire scene was done in Spanish.

Next week – Limo scenes for the rich industrialist lady on Saturday. On Sunday, the Stalingrad 1942 scene in the cellar of a local stage company to be shot in Russian dialog. During the same shoot, we’ll capture the opening monologue of the movie to be done by a Korean woman whose a native speaker and who will be doing the opener in Korean. It should be an interesting shoot.


Progressively and Gaily Forward [29 Mar 2006|06:15pm]

Our Production of </b> “The Art of Abundance” </b> is about 90% “in the can.”

Now that it's warming up and I have my location insurance policy. Over the next few weekends, we’ll be shooting some remote location stuff but almost none of it as anything to do with the core plot. These scenes are pre-life setup flash backs. Sort of 1-2 minute stories into themselves that make a case for what a specific character was like in a form life.

We’ve started the editing process with the slow methodical loading of the selected takes. Boy this part is tedious and boring, but necessary.

Saturday night we launched the new
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Our Production of </b> “The Art of Abundance” </b> is about 90% “in the can.”

Now that it's warming up and I have my location insurance policy. Over the next few weekends, we’ll be shooting some remote location stuff but almost none of it as anything to do with the core plot. These scenes are pre-life setup flash backs. Sort of 1-2 minute stories into themselves that make a case for what a specific character was like in a form life.

We’ve started the editing process with the slow methodical loading of the selected takes. Boy this part is tedious and boring, but necessary.

Saturday night we launched the new <a href="http://www.dragonladymedia.com" target="___blank" <b>>Dragon Lady Media</b ></a> Web site. Take a peek.


WANNA SEE MY MOVIE!!! [18 Jul 2005|10:00pm]

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Nola Native.... [05 Sep 2005|04:40pm]

Hi - I am one of the many victims of Hurricane Katrina. Our house is gone and everything we had is ruined. My house has been under 8 ft of water for a week. I can assume that all I had is gone. Given all of these hard to deal with circumstances I am looking to relocate to to NYC. Does anyone know if there are any individuals offering housing, jobs, schooling in NYC? Thank you and God bless.

[29 Jul 2005|04:22pm]
what do you think of the role and personality of Kathrine Clefton in The English Patient? 

Women in Film on MySpace [07 Jul 2005|07:42pm]

[ mood | listless ]

If any of you are MySpace users, I've just created a Women in Film group over there that I'd like to get up and running, with lots of members. Not much to the group right now - just created and all - but feel free to join and add to it. Thanks.


hello & i am new. [17 Jun 2005|02:30am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Name: Lara Violet

Occupation (in filmmaking, if any) or occupational goals: screenwriter/director/actor/producer

Specific interest in filmmaking: predominantly writing, eventually directing, but i think i'll need to take some courses or absorb some manner of skill for *that*

School (if any) and major: High School, major: nerd

Current or past projects: I have written two plays for my local theatre festival, this year it's part film, part play... I'm mostly working on scripts right now.

Genre of interest: I plan on attempting everything

Your inspirational filmmaker(s): Sofia Coppola, Darren Aronofsky, Woody Allen (sometimes), Tim Burton, Nancy Meyers, Richard Curtis, Spike Jonze,

Your inspirational films: Amelie, Lost In Translation, Requiem For A Dream, The Seven Year Itch, Finding Neverland, Big Fish, Harold And Maude, Fargo, American Beauty, Gia, Edward Scissorhands...etc. etc.

Why are you interested in filmmaking?: Because I like the idea of being able to universally communicate with people in a completely consistent matter. Any movie you watch will be the same every time you watch it, it is a reliable friend, you can depend on it to inspire ideas or to make you feel a certain mood. I love being able to create things that inspires people or makes them feel, telling stories they can relate to... I don't know, I'm one of those insane optimists who likes to find beauty in things, I like life, etc. etc. so I enjoy attempting to capture reality to share with people.

Any comments: I am going to be moving to Toronto in October, can anyone suggest any other communities or websites where I could obtain information about the film community there...? Are questions welcome in this community for that sort of thing?

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My Women in Film Site [06 Jun 2005|09:46am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey everyone. I'm working on a Women in Film website, and wanted to let everyone know about it, plus see if anyone had any suggestions concerning what to include on the site. You can check out The Women in Film Site here.

What I have up so far:

The home page.

The table of contents page.

The researching women in film page.

The recommended links page.

The recommended articles page.

The recommended books page.

The about me and about the site pages.

And, of course, the "Women in Film" website companion blog, AKA my LiveJournal.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to comment here, in my LJ, or you can email me at adrianalebron@yahoo.com. Thanks.

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Recommended Links and Articles... [08 May 2005|02:35pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

The following are some of my favorite links, articles, and books, at the moment. I thought they might be of interest to the women in film community, so I'm posting them here for you all. Enjoy!

Recommended Links:
Boxed In: Women On Screen and Behind the Scenes in the 2003-04 Prime-time Season - Latest results of study on the numbers of women working in television.
Female Filmmakers - A good Tripod website, with lots of relevant information.
Status of Women in the Industry - New York Women in Film and Television - Articles, speeches, and studies about the status of women in the entertainment industry.
The Celluloid Ceiling: Behind the Scenes and On-Screen Employment of Women in the Top 250 Films of 2003 - Latest results of study on the numbers of women working in film.
The Fund for Women Artists: Advocacy - List of topics related to women in the arts, such as numbers on employment, images of women, funding, etc.
The Hollywood Reporter: Women in Entertainment: 2003 - This feature issue includes The Power 100 ("the annual list of the most powerful women working in entertainment today") as well as several great articles about women's issues in industry.
The Hollywood Reporter: Women in Entertainment: 2004 - The latest version includes The Power 100 ("the annual ranking of the most influential female executives in film, television and music") as well as several more great articles about women's issues in the industry.
Women Film Directors - Huge list of women film directors from all over the world. (Taken from Women Film Directors: An International Bio-Critical Dictionary, by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster.)

Recommended Articles:
Breaking the Celluloid Ceiling - An article about similar women in film issues in the UK.
Change of Direction - An article about the trials of women filmmakers, worldwide.
GreenCine | Women in Film - An amazing article covering the history of women in cinema, from cinema's creation to today.
Hollywood's Women Directors Hit Celluloid Ceiling - An article from The Guardian (UK) about the low numbers of women in film.
Is This As Good As It Gets? - An article critically analyzing the notion of "chick flicks."
The Challenge for Women Directors - A BBC News article on Sofia Coppola's Oscar nomination.
The Industry Women on the Side - An article about sexism and gender discrimination in the film industry.
Where Are The Female Directors? - A great article about the lack of female directors.
Why Are Women Directors Such a Rare Sight? - Another British article, with people in the industry weighing in on the lack of female directors, there and in the US.
Women Behind the Camera: Where? - An article about Helena Lumme's Great Women of Film book.
Women Cut From Movies - A good article about female directors today.
Women in Film : Identity and Power - A great, extensive article on women in film and the many issues they face.

What I'm Reading (all highly recommended):
Great Women of Film by Helena Lumme
Women Who Run the Show: How a Brilliant and Creative New Generation of Women Stormed Hollywood by Mollie Gregory
Hollywood 101: The Film Industry by Frederick Levy
The Movie Business Book, Third Edition by Jason E. Squire


My Questionaire... [07 May 2005|09:43pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Name: Adriana "Aiñe" Luisa Lebron
Occupation (in filmmaking, if any) or occupational goals: Presently, I am a film student, as well as sometimes being a non-union production assistant. In the future, I hope to be a director, writer, and producer.
Specific interest in filmmaking: Directing, writing, producing, and possibly acting.
School (if any) and major: Wellesley College (alma mater of Nora Ephron, among others), Cinema and Media Studies major, with plans to attend Florida State University for a MFA in Film Production.
Current or past projects: Previously, I was a production assistant for Mona Lisa Smile while it filmed at Wellesley. Currently, I am working on scripts, taking lots of photographs, and acting in various theatre productions. This coming year I will begin pursuing film production, directing theatre, playwrighting, screenwriting, and lots of cinema studies and film history courses. (I'm finally taking classes in my major!)
Genre of interest: Any and all (in a Stanley Kubrick-esque fashion - Kubrick didn't do genres; he redefined them), though I do plan to pursue genres such as sci-fi, westerns, thrillers, and action - all of which interest me and are viewed as traditionally male genres. I'm also a big fan of animation and will probably pursue that, as well. As far as studio versus independent goes, I plan to make films in both industries.
Your inspirational filmmaker(s): Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton.  I am looking to add some female filmmakers to my list. So far, I'm a fan of Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham), Penny Marshall (A League of Their Own), Nancy Meyers (Something's Gotta Give), and Julie Taymor (Frida).
Your inspirational films: Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes), the Back to the Future series, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Pulp Fiction, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 
Why are you interested in filmmaking?: I have always been attracted to the idea of storytelling, and being a very visual person, I found film to be a great artistic medium.  Films cross so many cultures these days.  I know that anything I create has the potential to reach so many people.
Any comments: I have a growing collection of film links on my Yahoo! My Web page. Be sure to check it out, and do a My Web Search for words like women and female, coupled with words like film, business, characters, color, minority, lesbian, chick flick, etc. I also have a *huge* folder of articles, many of which concern women in film. If anyone has any link suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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New Gal [11 Apr 2005|08:24am]

Name: Christina
Occupation (in filmmaking, if any) or occupational goals: Screenwriter. I might want to direct. Maybe.
Specific interest in filmmaking: Screenwriting, and/or directing. I also like grip work, and just being on set.
School (if any) and major: Emerson, BA in Film, with a minor in writing
Current or past projects: I was the managing director for the Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF) for 2 years, have worked on films for Liquid Lunch Productions, and am currently working on getting my first script My Hitman made this Fall. I also run the Boston League of Women Wrestlers (BLOWW).
Genre of interest: Dark comedies, or indie films. I grew a taste for underground films after working with BUFF, but sometimes I enjoy getting drunk and watching a Swartzenegger classic.
Your inspirational filmmaker(s): John Waters, Federico Fellini, Terry Gilliam...wait a minute? All white men? I guess I'm here to learn more about female directors.
Your inspirational films: Polyester made me want to make films, and that was the first non-Hollywood film I saw that made me realize that I could do it too.
Why are you interested in filmmaking?: I think it's a great outlet for expressing yourself. I enjoy getting reactions out of people through this medium, and I've loved writing since I knew how to. I like the sense of community on a set, and watching it trasnform from script page to screen. And it beats a desk job.
Any comments: Like I said, I unfortunately know very little about female filmmakers, and would like to know more.
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[25 Apr 2005|04:11pm]

I want to include certain quotes and possibly some song lyrics in my movie.
Sooo I have to get permission, right?
The problem is most of the quotes are by dead people such as:

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music."
Aldous Huxley

Any help, ideas, or suggestions appreciated!

x-posted with love
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[05 Apr 2005|08:02pm]

Name: Chelsea Spear
Occupation (in filmmaking, if any) or occupational goals: currently i work as a dogwalker (hey, it pays the bills). have previously worked as a production asst on several docus out here and have screened films for the local underground film festival.
Specific interest in filmmaking: directing, writing, editing.
School (if any) and major: went to suffolk u. for a few years...until they lost funding for film/video production.
Current or past projects: right now i'm trying to scrape some money together to make the ballad of burd janet, a jazz age retelling of "tam lin". previous stuff: "alphabet" (quicktime file), "the hidden"
Genre of interest: experimental, anachronistic filmmaking. documentaries. silent films and 1950s potboilers.
Your inspirational filmmaker(s): hal hartley, wes anderson, guy maddin, sally potter, maya deren, stan brakhage
Your inspirational films: trust was the film that inspired me to get off my ass and make movies. archangel showed me how, and "meshes of the afternoon" seduced my mind.
Why are you interested in filmmaking?: it's a totalitarian art form, and it includes all arts in the service of telling a story. it's the art form that best serves my sense of rhythm.
Any comments: i joined a while ago and just now remembered to post this here.
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Cast Call if you're in Tucson Arizona [23 Mar 2005|08:22pm]

Hi! If you are in the Tucson, Arizona area and want to help out a fellow group of filmmakers...please read!!!

We are looking for a cast for a 5 minute series of shorts on digital video for my production class. If you fit any of the roles below, or know somebody who does and is interested in helping us out, please contact me asap at rskeels@email.arizona.edu! THANKS!

1 man (60's), the only stipulation is that the actor must be willing to dress like a woman for a short scene...
1 man and 1 woman (18-25) pref. a couple, but it isn't necessary.
2 men (18-24)
3-4 college student types, male or female (18-25)
1 male skateboarder (18-25) and one female skateboarder (18-25)

(Shooting dates will depend on the availablilty of the actors and filmmakers, but will be within the next several weeks.)


[19 Mar 2005|02:53am]

please see the film SALT OF THE EARTH!


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